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Site Rules is not responsible for the content posted by it's members on it's boards or on it's gallery. Members by the act of uploading art or posting on our forum state the content they have posted is their own.

 Members of this site take full responsiblility for what they post as having full copyright ownership over said art work or forum posts.

If you have posted work that you do not have ownership over then it is your responsibility to take it down immediately.

If any copyrighted material has been posted without the owners permission you may email us at
  to have material deleted upon request.

Please contact the original poster of said material first, if possible.

Fan Art Rules

Please do not post other artist's work without permission.

Please do not use photos for backgrounds unless you have rights to said photo.

Forum Rules

Do not link to photos from other sites unless it's an upload site especially made for this purpose. This takes bandwidth from other sites.

Do not post copyrighted photos.

Do not post comments or stories as your own if you are not the writer. Give full credit to all comments that are not your own by linking to the original source.

Technical Issues

If you as a member have any technical issues please email us at for help and we will respond as quickly as possible.