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Lou Ferrigno's Liberator has Australian Premiere
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Posted:  10 Apr 2013 14:32
Sydney, Australia -- Down-under comic book movie fans are hulking out with excitement as Lou Ferrigno’s award-winning short film LIBERATOR (www.liberatormovie.com), a 20-minute action-packed presentation pilot starring the original big green rage monster himself, makes its Australian premiere Saturday April 13, 2013 at the world-renowned Fantastic Planet Film Festival (www.fantasticplanetfilmfestival.com). The film screens at 3PM as part of the “Heroes & Villains” short film block.

Ferrigno stars as a disgraced, washed-up ex-superhero trying to put his life back on the rails. Like the Liberator character, the heat is also on Ferrigno, who starred last season on NBC’s “The Apprentice,” voiced The Hulk in the worldwide box office smash “The Avengers,” and continues to pack them in at Comic-Cons and speaking engagements around the world.
LIBERATOR also features an all-star genre cast including the stunning Peta Wilson (“La Femme Nikita”) as CIA spook Marla Criswell, Michael Dorn (“Star Trek: The Next Generation”) as General Augustus Pollard, martial arts star Don “The Dragon” Wilson as Sidewinder and the legendary Edward Asner (“Up”) as President Whitlock.

“(My character) was a hero once, an unstoppable machine,” says Ferrigno. “But then something happened, and now the whole world is against him. He lost his relationship with his daughter, his wife – he’s lost everything.  So he decides he’s going to bring out the truth and write a book. There are certain people who do not want this information coming out, so now he has a target on his back. And he decides it’s time to fight back. It’s a story about a real hero, about finding justice.”
“It’s a huge honor to have been selected by Fantastic Planet,” says Jim Cirile, the film’s Co-Writer and Executive Producer. “LIBERATOR pays homage to our geek icons and is grounded in a reality we’ll all recognize -- our own. This is a very real world and a very real, and all-too-human, man. It’s the performance of Ferrigno’s lifetime. I’m stoked to be bringing it to an audience of our peeps in Sydney.”
Added Director/Co-Writer Aaron Pope: "Launching a new superhero franchise without a comic label behind us and without money is a nearly impossible task, but we are immensely gratified from the response we’ve been getting. We just screened to a packed house at Orlando Megacon and people loved the film. It’s awesome to bring Lou back to superheroics, and let’s just say big things are cooking for the future."
Those big things Pope refers to include an upcoming comic book adaptation, which will be announced shortly.

In addition to Fantastic Planet, LIBERATOR will be screening in the headline slot at Big Island Film Festival on Saturday May 25th as well as at the New Media Film Festival in June. To date, LIBERATOR has won Best Dramatic Short from Cal Shorts 2012 and the Award of Excellence from IndieFest 2012.
To view the trailer, visit the LIBERATOR website at www.liberatormovie.com or the film’s Youtube page www.youtube.com/liberatormovie.
Follow the latest news on LIBERATOR by visiting:

Liberator Trailer
Posted:  11 Apr 2013 00:10
Have seen some of this before. Looks good.
Saw Lou (from a distance) this last weekend at PCCon. He's starting to show his age (61), but nothing like how Schwarzenegger (65) has gone downhill.
Posted:  11 Apr 2013 15:33
I have to wonder if part of Arnold's problem is he wasn't exactly a naturally trained athlete. I'm pretty sure he's admitted to using steroids, which may have been why he had to have some minor heart surgery a few years back.

Still hoping Arnold will make a real come back and get back into shape somehow.

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